Kent Action on Alcohol

July 23, 2008

I consider that one of the big social issues facing the UK as a whole is around misuse of alcohol. At Kent County Council we have have recently commissioned a Select Committee review of the issue and, as a result the Kent Action on Alcohol initiative was launched on 10 July. This was a highly interactive event with input from a Kent school, the Kent Youth Council and participants coming up with their own ideas and recommendations to overcome the problem.

Key points are around binge drinking by young people, cheap supplies of alcohol, health impacts of excess alcohol consumption, people not knowing their units and many others

If you have a view let me know – I want to hear your views.


July 23, 2008

Westgate Towers Canterbury

June 16, 2008

Many residents have contacted me about a proposal to divert traffic from St Dunstans Street along Station Road West and back along North Lane. This will increase pollution through cars having to drive further. It will also massively inconvenience residents who I represent and live in these affected roads with extra traffic and noise.

Do you have a view? If so then please contact me at

European Union

June 15, 2008

I am massively concerned about the implications of the Lisbon Treat ‘No’ vote by the Irish Republic.  The Labour Government promised a referendum on the Treaty.  That should happen.  I do believe that as the French, Dutch and now the Irish have rejected the constitution there does have to be a rethink.

If you have a  view then let me know.


April 9, 2008

Operation Pot Hole

Kent Highways are mounting a campaign to address the problems of potholes. The very wet weather over the winter has resulted in more pot holes and we need your help top solve the problem.

Residents can report pot holes visiting the or by e-mailing or by telephoning 0845 8247800. I am really concerned about pot holes in the area I represent; if you are too then do help me reporting them as you see them. If the pot hole is not speedily repaired then please report this to me direct –

February 28, 2008

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Local Involvement Networks (LINKs)

January 10, 2008

Local Involvement Networks (LINK) are being created to let people have a say on how they consider Health and Social Care issues are provided. The LINK will be operational in Kent from about April 2007 and one of my responsibilities at Kent County Council is ensuring that the LINK really does meet the needs of the people of Kent. If you have a view then do let me know – I really do want to know what the people of Kent want.